emergency loans for bad credit

Credit despite credit score for special groups of people

In addition to the options which are common to apply for emergency loans despite negative credit score, there are other ways for some groups of people:

Students: they grants promotional loans for students but also for start-ups and builders. A negative credit score entry does not play a role at first.

Unemployed: Above all, these recipients can receive a loan from the job center in emergency situations. An emergency situation arises, for example, when vital equipment breaks, repairs to the apartment are due or there is a threat of the supply of electricity, water and heating being blocked. In these cases, the job center grants a strictly earmarked loan without a credit score query. The repayment is usually made by the center withholding part of these particular payments. Alternatively, these loans are also granted in the form of direct commissioning of craftsmen or the provision of necessary household items.

Depending on the amount required and any collateral, banks also grant a loan despite a bad credit score.

Apply for a loan without credit information

While every bank in many countries carries out a credit check with the credit score before granting a emergency loans for bad credit, many banks abroad do without it or do not have the opportunity to do so at all. Instead, other criteria are used to assess creditworthiness, such as income, real estate, insurance or a guarantor. It is therefore a way of obtaining a loan without a credit check.